Grab & Ride Share Services

Uber is not available in the Philippines. But, on the bright side, there’s Grab, a ride-sharing app that works just like Uber. If you’re traveling with a group or your destination or hotel is nowhere close to the Manila airport, Grab surely makes a terrific option.

Grab, ever since Uber closed its operations in the Philippines in 2018, has been a reliable option for both locals and travelers.

Even though there are surges in prices from time to time, it’s, in general, convenient and safe. It’s, hands down, the go-to ride-sharing app in the Philippines today.

You can, with ease, download Grab on your smartphone and charter a private car or taxi with it. And, you can pay by credit card or cash by downloading Grab Manila Airport.

There are two options available when using Grab Manila Airport.

  • Grab Car Manila: You get to ride a private vehicle, and pay the amount displayed on the mobile app when the trip ends.
  • Grab Taxi Manila: As with any conventional taxi, this option officially uses the meter. With Grab Taxi Manila airport, you’ll have to pay the cost shown on the meter as well as the booking fee, which shows on the Grab app when the trip ends.

If your destination is in downtown Manila, Mandaluyong or Makati, you’re likely to pay around PHP 130 to 170 (without the traffic or price surge). If, however, there’s a price surge, you should expect to pay from PHP 250 to 400.

Other ride-sharing apps in Manila

  • Hype
  • Go Lag
  • MiCab