Manila Airport Taxi Services

When it comes to taxi transportation, passengers have three choices: Yellow Taxi, Regular Taxi and the Coupon Taxi.  

Yellow Taxi and Regular Taxi cabs are both metered. Coupon Taxi cabs, on the other hand, work by charging a specific fare to the distance of your final destination.


Coupon Taxi

To take a Coupon Taxi, just head to any of the dispatch station located at the airport terminals. Once there, ask assistance from the staff and state where you’re going. They will, then, give you a coupon marked with the price you have to pay to get to your destination.

Keep this coupon throughout the ride and don’t give it to the driver until your trip ends.

While these taxi rides aren’t exactly cheap, it’s, no doubt, a great option if you’re traveling in a group or carrying heavy baggage. As a matter of fact, you may request a larger taxi, which can carry around 8 passengers, without any additional charges.


Airport Taxi (Yellow colored)

On average, these metered taxis are more expensive, as compared to the typical taxis around Metro Manila. They are, however, in better condition and more comfortable. The flag down rate is PHP 70 and it adds PHP 4 for every 300 meters it travels.  


Regular Taxi (White colored)

Flag down rate this type of taxi is PHP 40. Plus, it has a rate of PHP 13.50 for every kilometer it travels as well as charges PHP 2 for every minute of waiting. Although it’s generally cheaper, these taxi cabs are relatively old and have seen better days.

Travel time to Manila downtown

Depending on the traffic, the travel time from NAIA to Manila downtown area is about 20 minutes to 2 hours.


Manila airport taxi companies

  • Taksi Berde Transit Corporation: +63 2 571 7896
  • Royal HK Taxi Services: +63 2 838 1403

Both companies are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.



From the Manila Airport, the estimated fare to transfer to the downtown area, via a metered taxi, is about PHP 380 to 450. As for the Manila airport coupon taxis, here are their common fixed rates:

  • Caloocan areas: PHP 740 to 990
  • Las Pinas areas: PHP 330 to 610
  • Makati areas: PHP 330 to 440
  • Malabon areas: PHP 740 to 850
  • Mandaluyong areas: PHP 530 to 610
  • Manila City areas: PHP 440 to 670
  • Marikina areas: PHP 670 to 850
  • Muntinlupa areas: PHP 440 to 740
  • Navotas areas: PHP 740 to 850
  • Paranaque areas: PHP 150 to 440
  • Pasay areas: PHP 150 to 440
  • Pasig areas: PHP 530 to 740
  • Pateros: PHP 440
  • Quezon city areas: PHP 610 to 900
  • San Juan: PHP 610
  • Taguig areas: PHP 330 to 530
  • Valenzuela areas: PHP 790 to 940



You can find both taxi options in the Departures exit of every Manila airport terminal.



Never entertain anyone who offers taxi service while you’re walking around or exiting the building, even if they say they are NAIA accredited. For the most part, they are con artists who’ll charge you higher cab rates than normal.

Additionally, you may avoid scams and being ripped off by knowing your trip’s appropriate fare, writing down your destination on a piece of paper, and carrying small bills.